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    My professor talked about this today!

    And oddly enough, we also talked about the Mr. Rodgers quote… which I remembered from here.

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    she said i look like superman

    she said i look like superman

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    I can't believe how stupid some of these people are

    The onion puts some hilarious FAKE news stories, but sadly there are idiots out there (some of whom I’m close to) who overreact on facebook. you just gotta check some of these out

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    It’s like a horse. 

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    Anonymous said: <p>Roses are red, violets are blue. You won&#8217;t show me your tits, so my balls are too. Love, your poopypoops :)</p>


    I’m postin a picture of my tits now.

    Those are for my eyes only bitch


You should follow me because I'm fat. I love my girlfriend more than food...YEAH I SAID IT.